The TIP Resource Lab captures the learning journey of members and partners of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium, and translates this into curated tools, actions and learnings, accompanied by narrative guides. It draws on over 400 articles, blogs, case studies, graphics, reports, recordings and tools, developed since 2016 across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

In it, you will discover lessons for the design and implementation of Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP), as well as ideas that influence TIP thinking about the nature of society and processes of change.

The TIP methodology is, above all, flexible and experimental. The Lab is not a handbook, but a collection of experiences, and offers multiple pathways for advancing sustainable and just transitions within your own context.

The Lab contains five components. In the first three, you will find core methods for: understanding a system and defining desirable changes; experimentation; and monitoring, evaluation and learning. The other two explore capabilities and communities for TIP.

You can work with the components in any order – together, they provide ingredients for enacting TIP across diverse social and geographical contexts. Click on the desired component in the infographic below to navigate the Lab. Each component has a user guide that provides the rationale and narrative for that component.



Desirablefuture worlds

Just transition

Policy and investment