About the Lab

The TIP Resource Lab was launched in March 2023 as the ‘connective tissue’ between the projects, experiments and geographies of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC). It offers practical tools and resources for implementing TIP methods, and shares learnings from the journey of TIPC members and partners across Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. It also links to academic research that drives TIP thinking about the nature of society and processes of change.

The Resource Lab is open access and was previewed and tested through a series of four intensive learning workshops between June and December 2022. It has been envisaged as an open and creative space for exchanging knowledge and experience, and building capacity in the field – a place where the TIP knowledge community can connect around specific tools, actions and learning. It also provides a conduit for connecting academic research into TIP with practical application.

The Resource Lab is made up of five components. The first three explore TIP methods for:

  • understanding a chosen socio-technical system, and defining what changes are needed;
  • planning and implementing experimental interventions to help build new rules to enable change; and
  • monitoring, evaluating and learning from the experimental interventions.

The final two components provide complementary tools, resources and references for:

  • capabilities and ways of working, with an attention to the process of implementing TIP; and
  • extending the TIP community of practice and the knowledge infrastructure needed to continuously improve TIP practice and theory.

Each component has a accompanying narrative, which addresses the conceptual foundations, and provides a user guide to the questions, processes, case studies and tools.

The TIP methodology is, above all, flexible and experimental – the continued customisation of tools and resources and diversity of interpretations across different contexts will help to enrich future thinking and practice.

Feedback and further development

The Resource Lab has been created as living platform that can be developed further by users. We invite you to comment using the feedback forms on each page when you use resources, and to share and send us your experiences and examples of putting tools into practice. You can also contribute information on projects, people and practices via the platform to strengthen the growing knowledge community.  The TIPC team can be reached by email at tipc@sussex.ac.uk.