Second Order Learning in TIPC (SOL)

This project explored second order learning as a result from the Covid-19 pandemic throughout several of TIPC partner agencies

Lead partner Organisation
Ingenio (CSIC-UPV)
Lead partner person
Alejandra Boni
Further info
Initiative Submitted by
Paulina Terrazas
Mexico City, Mexico
Head of Regulation and Public Affairs
Organisation type
Business & Entrepreneurship
Energy and Sustainability Direction
Start date
End date
Target Country
Initiative Intervention Level
Which unsustainable structures & practices (Regime) does the initiative address?

The aim of this project was to explore how business as usual within the TIPC community and the sustainability transitions network was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore it somehow takes STI policy as the regime, even if transformative.

What are the sustainable structures & practices (niches) being created by the initiative?

Persons, households and organisations are recovered as a relevant unit of analysis, with a special focus on frameworks, beliefs, assumptions and behaviours.

Which sector does the initiative primarily target for change?

Science, Technology and Innovation

Is the initiative an experiment?

YES: It can be considered as an experiment as we joined a multinational group of persons working in the innovation sector and explored their own learnings from the pandemic in the different contexts. It was new in the sense that it explored how innovators innovate.

Transformative Change Process
Building and nurturing niches
Building and nuturing niches

By exploring the niche in depth and creating spaces for the participants to interact, this project made visible the common challenges that professionals working on sustainability transition and STI were facing as a result from the pandemic.


Paulina Terrazas
Head of Regulation and Public Affairs, Deacero