Strategic Laboratories on Transformation for Public Health (LET-SP)

The Strategic Laboratories on Transformation for Public Health (LET-SP) were established to identify the transformative potential of selected initiatives: climate change, ageing and digital public health. Their aim is to deepen new routes towards socio and institutional development based on principles of social and environmental sustainability. This is envisaged through the characterisation of actors, materials, rules and the regime they represent and by addressing the problems in Public Health specifically in conducting changes and establishing paths for the management of those knowledge niches.

Lead partner Organisation
The National School of Public Health - University of Antioquia (UdeA)
Other project partners
Government of Antioquia
Further info
Initiative Submitted by
Eliana Martínez
Medellín, Colombia
Researcher/professor & Strategic affairs
The National Faculty of Public Health UdeA
Describe the Portfolio and its context

A set of interventions are included in the Portfolio in response to Antioquia populations that are demanding public health actions in a context of learnings surrounded by socio environmental conflicts and enormous challenges.

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Initiative Intervention Level
Which unsustainable structures & practices (Regime) does the initiative address?

The current structures & practices will be unsustainable in the future. We need co-leaders and collaborators of initiatives to change and we are engaging social civil organisations, leaders, young people and women with our initiatives via social developments on field.

What are the sustainable structures & practices (niches) being created by the initiative?

ePublic Health, Climate Change Adaptation and Ageing and Mental Health - with the use of social participation tools and social action research

Which sector does the initiative primarily target for change?

Health mainly. We are trying to establish connections with the transport sector, technologies as well as food and water sector.

Is the initiative an experiment?

YES: The three initiatives are authentic experiments because of the novelty in the School of Public Health and also because they are creating capacities in several levels and actors of the system.


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Eliana Martínez
Researcher/professor & Strategic affairs, The National Faculty of Public Health UdeA