TIP Knowledge Community






Many researchers and practitioners are conducting essential work on the fundamental knowledge about transformative work across many projects and organisations globally.

The TIP Resource Lab aims to bring together those working on these transformative initiatives and to showcase their progress and findings.

By collating knowledge, insights and evidence from different actors and from transformative policies, programmes and projects from across the world, we are developing a ‘Knowledge Infrastructure’ that is accessible, operational and sustainable. ┬áThis brings together a network of professionals for collaboration and connection.

People and projects will be able to feed into the ‘TIP Knowledge Infrastructure’ (TIP KI) regarding their particular context to form a virtuous cycle of TIP knowledge and expertise within the TIP framework.

We will shortly be asking for contributions to the infrastructure with details of transformative projects, research, people and contexts which are conducting transformative work.

To keep up to date and to register your interest in being profiled on this new transformative database, and to be part of the network, please email tipc@sussex.ac.uk