Annalisa Spalazzi


Annalisa Spalazzi is a PhD candidate in Regional Science and Economic Geography at GSSI. Currently her focus is on inner and marginalized areas, innovation policies, regenerative economy and territorial development in Southern East European regions.
She has worked for almost four years as innovation ecosystem developer and programme manager at EIT Climate-KIC Regional Innovation Scheme, where she has worked across 14 countries in Southern and Central Eastern Europe and has launched the EIT community initiative in the Western Balkans.

She holds a MA in Tourism Economics and Management from the University of Bologna, where she specialized in sustainable and responsible management of destinations. She has deepened her knowledge in innovation in macro-regional context and cohesion policy working at the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism and at the European Commission in the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. Along with that, she is active in rural development and regenerative tourism with local associations and informal citizens groups in the Apennines.

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