Brian Watts


Brian Watts has background in the UK police service, where he specialised in learning and development, teacher training, and the assessment of staff in their attainment of higher education qualifications. There, he discovered his vocation as a facilitator and began exploring the world of group facilitation and its interface with leadership and performance.

Since then, he has studied facilitation at both masters and professional postgraduate level, and worked independently for over 20 years, across a wide range of organisations, on the training and supervision of facilitators, and on the facilitation of learning programmes.

Brian is particularly interested in the type of work that positions facilitation as a core component to other disciplines, and makes explicit the link between personal and professional development. Such work has included leadership development programmes, mediation, team development, and qualitative research.

Brian is undertaking independent research into self and peer assessment and the practice of self regulation for group facilitators.

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