Filip Daniëls


Lecturer for Network Economy, and Research Coordinator for Business and Media, Howest University of Applied Sciences, Belgium

Eclectically mixing and matching an MBA (Antwerp Management School – University of Antwerp) with a background in visual arts/transmedia (LUCA School of Arts) and a passion for complexity, I like to position myself within the pattern that connects different domains (systems change, information visualisation, sustainable intrapreneurship and networked entrepreneurship, activism in a broad sense, emerging technologies – AI for Good, etc)

As a lecturer, I attempt to teach my students to thrive in systems, have a grasp of emergence and understand network effects.

As a research coordinator, my job is to get my peers to translate their talents and yearning for knowledge into services to the community and research projects (e.g. emerging tech in tourism, AI in journalism, sustainable money systems for a regenerative economy, multi capital entrepreneurship, no code AI, and more).

Some say culture has strategy for breakfast, but so do systemic barriers, ignored interdependencies, unappreciated stakeholders, language differences and more. Let’s connect the dots together, and turn challenges into transformative opportunities.

Interests in
Design in a complex world; Regenerative entrepreneurship; Systems mapping and visualisation; Information design; AI in/for society; Value driven creativity

Open to contact in relation to
Peer learning / Work or consultancy / Research collaboration / Sharing experience and expertise