Patience Mguni


Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Patience Mguni is an urban sustainability and resilience specialist with over fourteen years’ experience in the collaborative design, implementation and coordination of action research projects in Europe and Africa.

She has investigated and collaborated on urban resilience-building research initiatives in Dar es Salaam, Addis Ababa, Johannesburg, Kampala, Cape Town, Sofia, Guarulhos, Reykjavik and Copenhagen.

Her research focuses on exploring opportunities for context-specific and inclusive resilience-building pathways for developing cities, especially in the face of water management problems, energy poverty, food insecurity and inequality.

Patience holds a PhD (2015) in Landscape Architecture and Planning from the University of Copenhagen. She also holds an MSc. (Eng) in Civil Engineering from Aalborg University (2010) and a BSc. (Honours) in Rural and Urban Planning from the University of Zimbabwe (2007).

A Zimbabwean national, Patience is passionate about exploring how indigenous knowledge can support resilience-building pathways in post-colonial cities. She is also committed to understanding and spotlighting the lived realities of those at the urban margins as they navigate the challenged of poverty, infrastructure deficits and a changing climate whilst seizing the opportunities presented by a globalizing world, frugal innovation and imaginaries of just futures.

Interests in  
Nature-based solutions in Global South cities; Urban water management; sustainable urban and regional development; Climate change adaptation and resilience-building; Water-Energy-Food nexus; Resource productions and consumption; Social and environmental justice; decoloniality

Open to contact in relation to:
Peer learning / Mentoring / Work or consultancy / Research collaboration / Sharing experience and expertise

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