Wolfgang Haider


Project Manager and Researcher, ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation, Austria

How can we take the necessary institutional and behavioral steps towards a more just and sustainable society? A very broad question, certainly, but also the driving motivation behind my academic and professional career so far.

It is a question that was already present during my formation as a researcher in my academic studies at the University of Vienna, completing a Master´s course in International Development as well as a Bachelor degree in Political Science.

In my professional career, I have learned to approach this question from different perspectives, but with a distinct focus on innovation as a driver for change.

Since 2015, I have worked as a researcher and project manager at the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna. Here, I have developed a unique thematic portfolio of innovation and research projects, approaching sustainability transitions through the lens of social innovation, the role of human agency and institutional change and associated transformative capacities.

Being part of the Network of Coaches for the TIP Resource Lab enables me to contribute to (and learn from!) change processes on various levels (public-private-civil society) – by sharing my knowledge on design processes for social and sustainable innovations, identifying skill gaps and providing suitable training measures for developing transformative capacities in private and public institutions. In doing so, I hope to do my small bit towards getting closer to answering the question stated above.

If you are interested in working with me on these topics, feel free to contact me via the channels listed below.

Interests in
Sustainability transitions; Transformative innovation policy; (Social) innovation; Energy transition; Climate change adaptation; Institutional change; Transformative capacities; Governance

Open to contact in relation to
Peer learning / Mentoring / Work or consultancy / Research collaboration / Sharing experience and expertise