Section 3: Anticipation for a different future

TIP invites us to zoom out – see the entire ecosystem of interconnected niches, regimes and landscapes – and apply anticipatory processes to create pathways towards democratically desirable futures. This section introduces the work of Nordic members to do this through capability building in Futures Literacy.

Futures Literacy Lab methodology

This method was explored by Nordic members in partnership with UNESCO, with the aims of revealing, reframing and rethinking the assumptions we use to imagine the future. This resource collection introduces the methodology, along with reflections from practitioners who used to examine future worlds for organising innovation policy.

Futures Literacy for anticipation

TIP entails a rethinking of the socio-technical systems that form the backbone of our civilisation. However, the future tends to be shaped by contemporary conditions and experiences. Video conversations between Nordic members and guests, along with presentations and blogs, introduce the importance of anticipatory thinking and imaginative capabilities.

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