Section 1: Understanding the system

In TIP thinking, understanding a system – its actors, materials, rules and the regime they represent – is  a necessary step to address persistent problems. A systematic unpacking of the system helps us to identify vulnerabilities and instabilities that may not be immediately obvious, and therefore determine where and how to intervene. This section introduces approaches to system mapping and the experiences of TIPC members, along with a innovative game that helps to reveal the interrelations between different components of a system that give rise to change.

Pentagonal map for system analysis

This introductory tool provides a process for system mapping through a transitions lens to identify a sociotechnical regime. It can be used by individuals or groups and an accompanying blog sets out practical experience of testing the resource with users and coaches.

Systemic change game

The collection of resources introduces an immersive and playful online board game, which can help those familiar with TIP to deepen their thinking about transition processes in socio-technical systems and enablers of transformative change.

System mapping and analysis: Archive of experience

Masterclass slides set out theoretical foundations for a socio-technical systems concept, while reports from TIPC members in Ghana, Kenya Senegal and Sweden share analysis for intervening in systems for waste management, education and food.

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