Section 2: Developing a vision for change

The TIP approach employs a vision of how change happens based on the study of historical processes, evolutionary and institutional theories of change. This is driven by insight into the unevenness of social and technical change, which leads to change coming in surges; the importance of rules; and the centrality of niches (protective spaces for different practices) as carriers of new rules.

Multi-level theory of change

Applying a TIP vision to the existential challenges of today leads to the proposition that by cultivating new or strengthening existing niches, it is possible to catalyse fundamental change in society. This collection of resources includes tools to help us bring substance to this vision and identify spaces for experimentation.

The Multi-Level Perspective as a framework for understanding system change

These resources from the Latin American and Caribbean HUB for TIP explore methodologies and tools to facilitate processes of systemic transformations to contribute to the SDGs in the region.

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