Section 1: Exploring the experimental space

This section introduces what we mean by experimentation for transformative change, providing tools, examples and case studies to help explore an experimental space and articulate a project, programme or policy through a transformative lens. The section also shares learnings from TIPC hubs in Africa and Latin America on considerations for experimentation within these contexts.

Introducing experimentation for systemic change

What role does experimentation play in Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP)? These resources introduce theoretical frameworks and practitioner insights for creating experimental spaces and cultures that allow for exploration and learning from failure. The tool encourages us to consider how we articulate new and existing initiatives as TIP experiments.


Experimental spaces: The TIP Latin American and Caribbean Hub

In the Latin American and Caribbean Hub, universities are acting as agents of social change through experimentation with a transformative agenda. Here, we introduce conceptual foundations for experimentation in a Latin American context, along with live experiences of HUB members and an overview of their experimental projects.

Experimental spaces: The TIP Africa Hub

This set of resources introduces the science, technology and innovation policy environments in Ghana, Kenya and Senegal, and highlights key regional considerations for enacting Transformative Innovation Policy experimentation.

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