Section 1: Formative evaluation and transformative outcomes

How do we go about evaluating transformation when it requires organisational, institutional and cultural change? This section introduces formative evaluation as an alternative approach to policy evaluation that can be applied in TIP experiments. It also brings in the conceptual tool of ‘transformative outcomes’ – a compass for practitioners in navigating transformations – and shows how they can be used to stretch a transformative theory of change.

Formative evaluation for Transformative Innovation Policies

These core introductory materials set out the principles of formative evaluation, and how this approach can help us to understand and enable systemic transformation, putting learning at the heart of a theory of change process. Practitioner insights elaborate on how these principles are applied in practice.

Introducing transformative outcomes

What are transformative outcomes, and how can they be used to empower and scale system change? This collection of tools, videos and dialogues introduces and debates the 12 transformative outcomes and their contribution to formative evaluation in TIP experiments orientated towards system change.

Transformative outcomes as an ingredient in a theory of change process

In this resource collection, we introduce a method and rationale for applying transformative outcomes in transformative portfolios and theories of change, drawing on tools and learnings from the MOTION project to illustrate the role of transformative outcomes in shaping the direction of transformations.


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