Section 2: Application to projects and policies

How might we undertake formative evaluation in practice, to help us interrogate the transformative potential of projects and policies? This section introduces the methodology, alongside learnings from implementation in Catalonia, Sweden, South Africa and the Latin American HUB. It also shares how members and partners have used the principles of formative evaluation to develop new indicators and explore the quality of a transformative shift.

Putting formative evaluation with transformative outcomes into practice

This resource collection presents TIPC’s approach to the evaluation of transformative innovation policies, and a snapshot of how this methodology was implemented in work on Shared Agendas in Catalonia, on food policy with Sweden’s national innovation agency, Vinnova, and in the ACT on NBS (Adaptive Cities through Nature Based Solutions) project.

Stretching a theory of change using transformative outcomes

Applying the transformative outcomes within a theory of change process can help to stretch and steer policy programmes and projects further in the direction of transformative system change. This resource collection provides examples of attempts to do this within the Latin American and Caribbean HUB for TIP and the MOTION project.

Evaluating quality and progress

Exploring the quality of the transformative outcomes across policy engagements is covered in this resource collection, along with examples and tools for mapping and analysis.

Identifying indicators for monitoring change pathways

These resources introduce work from TIPC members and partners to define indicators for formative evaluation, drawing on transformative outcomes to address evaluation questions.

Application of transformative outcomes in the Latin American HUB

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