Section 3: Documenting and processing learning

This section introduces tools and methods for capturing the learning resulting from experimentation in Transformative Innovation Policy – particularly second order learning, which has the greatest potential for advancing fundamental change in a system. 

Learning histories as a method for documenting learning

The transformative innovation learning history can be a valuable tool for enhancing organisational learning and accelerating knowledge transfer in experiments. These resources introduce the methodology, along with examples of its application within TIP initiatives.

Dynamic reflective binnacle

These resources introduce the Dynamic Reflective Binnacle, a tool used to encourage learning and reflexivity in experiments and to maintain the link between systems transformation and the concrete actions and pathways portrait in the flexible theory of change.

Building narratives to process learning

Narratives can help us to articulate transformative elements of experiments, and reflect on our experiences. These resources illustrate the role narratives can play in revealing how transformative innovation occurred, and identifying factors for its success – as well as drawing out common learning from participants.

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