Section 3: Democratisation of transformational processes

Participatory engagement is instrumental to TIP, as the theory of change involves a shift in the values and beliefs that drive us – it is a deeper change, and therefore requires all actors in the system to have agency and influence throughout the process.

Participatory engagement with TIP concepts and practice

This resource collection addresses participatory methods for TIP and the role of citizens and collective action in transformation processes.

Citizen engagement within the Latin American and Caribbean HUB for TIP

Resources from the Latin American and Caribbean HUB for TIP address participatory approaches for creating protected spaces for regional governance, and for inclusivity within cancer care, in Colombia.

Co-creation for policy

These resources introduce the the ‘co-creation for policy’ tuner, a self-assessment checklist for the design of policy co-creation processes, which was adapted by TIPC and Cristian Matti at the Joint Research Centre at the European Commission to create a Miro tool for the Resource Lab.

Insights from the Nordic fireside

In these videos, pairs of TIPC policy practitioners and researchers reflect candidly on the co-creation process: how it is inherently difficult, yet can contribute to second-order learning once we can move through the inevitable ‘crisis points’; how it brings up discomfort and a loss of identity; and the roles and the skills needed to engage effectively in co-creation for TIP.

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