Component 5: TIP knowledge and community

Knowledge Infrastructures and communities of practise support diverse knowledge practises – the creation, validation, translation and circulation – of Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) research and action agendas. In the narrative and user guide, we share why we need a knowledge infrastructure for TIP; what a TIP knowledge infrastructure is in terms of characteristics and design criteria; and how a TIP knowledge infrastructure and community of practise has been operationalised in TIPC.

The TIP Knowledge and Community invites you to explore resources about how the TIP KI has conceptually evolved; how TIP knowledge guides; how the multiple research agendas on TIP are emerging; how the TIP network and community of practise is developing, and how the learnings from the TIP Knowledge co-creation events and engagements are processed.

This Resource Lab, as an infrastructure in itself, also offers the opportunity to look forward – to create new spaces and new knowledges, to strengthen the TIP KI and community of practise with your support and enthusiasm.

Submit you project to the TIP Knowledge Community and make contact with other practitioners on how they developed towards transformative outcomes and systems change.