Section 1: TIP Knowledge Guide and Operationalisation

This first section of the Knowledge and Community component gives an overview of how TIP has been operationalised into projects, programmes and communities of practice around the globe.

Guides to TIP

This gives you an overview of the theory and terms within TIP and the discipline it is rooted in – Sustainability Transitions.

Projects with TIP

This resource collection provides an overview of projects and programmes that have engaged the TIP approach to stretch towards transformative outcomes and systems change. These range across the Global South and North, encompassing experimentation within the Latin America Hub; to the MOTION project in collaboration with the European Institute of Technology’s Climate Innovation and Knowledge Community (EIT Climate KIC); to the Water Research Council of South Africa in partnership with the Department for Science and Innovation.

Many more transformative project examples are available in the TIP Knowledge Community section of the Resource Lab.

Infrastructure and management of TIP knowledge

This resource collections relates to the process and experience of establishing a knowledge infrastructure and community around TIP. It provides the background to how the Community was created through the interweaving of networks to for greater connectivity towards shared aims and commitment to transformative change. The resources cover – the initial conceptualisation of a TIP research agenda, how the knowledge infrastructure was enacted across TIP conferences, learning events and research strands; and the process of  ideation and production of the ‘living repository’ that is the TIP Resource Lab, one of the pillars of the TIP Knowledge Infrastructure and Community.

Other frameworks for TIP operationalisation

This resource collection introduces further frameworks for operationalising Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) to give an extended, complimentary perspective on how to achieve transformative change.

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