2017 TIP Conference Report

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The 2017 conference “Prospects for Transformative Innovation” was the inaugural conference of the Consortium. This event was the finale to our pilot programme of activities for Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium’s founding members. We started to test ideas and rationales; built strong, productive relationships; and most crucially, begun to identify the directions to go and the difficult questions to ask.

We were a long way from the answers, but the exploration for fresh policy thinking and practice in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) commenced with commitment and rigour. While daunting on one level, it is the distance we have to travel that is the most thrilling part.

Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC). (2017). PROSPECTS FOR TRANSFORMATIVE INNOVATION POLICY (Conference Programme). Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex. Available at https://tipresourcelab.net/resource/2017-conference-report/

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