Concept note on experimentation in Transformative Innovation Policy (English version)

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Policy Brief

This policy note was developed for HUB members. It explains the meaning of experimentation as part of a transformative approach, aims of experimentation, other associated key concepts and some of the main characteristics that can help to define an experiment.



This concept note was produced for the Latin American and Caribbean Hub for Transformative Innovation Policy (HUBLACyTIP) by Matias Ramirez in collaboration with Alejandra Boni (Ingenio CSIC-UPV) and Diana Velasco (Ingenio CSIC-UPV). Translation provided by Paloma Bernal Hernández (SPRU).


Ramirez, M., Boni, A., Velasco, D. (2020) Concept note on experimentation in
Transformative Innovation Policy (English version). (Translated by P. Bernal-Hernandez) Available at

Reflections on TIPC use

‘The transformative experiment … offers a conceptualisation of innovation that is different from the common one, as it is characterized by a systemic innovation that helps foster transformations in (sub)systems to respond to needs in fundamentally different ways’ – Matias Ramirez

‘Experiments are done on a small scale (a neighbourhood, an organization, a community) and can contribute to a transition with radically new ways of doing things’ – Matias Ramirez

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