Construction of narratives: A reflective tool (English version)

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This presentation explains why and how it is possible to use narratives as a tool that stimulates discussion, reflection and learning within the formative evaluation process. It sets out a proposal for building narratives in transformative experiments through the use of transformative outcomes, to describe the changes observed and assumptions made during the implementation of a theory of change.



Paloma Bernal-Hernández and Victoria Shaw who translated this tool for global users of the Lab


Ramirez, M. (2022) Construction of narratives a reflective tool (English version). Available at

2 thoughts on “Construction of narratives: A reflective tool (English version)

  1. Thank you Matias! Building narratives is something that is mentioned in almost every meeting I have with activists, ngo’s, … any person or group involved in, in my case, working on a ‘just transition’.
    The presentation mentions a certain divide between a paradigm based on logic and rationality and another based on narratives. I need to dig into those ideas.
    Really looking forward to the tool as I believe that would help getting others involved in a very hands-on way.

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