Definition of indicators to monitor evaluation of transformative outcomes: A proposal

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This tool was developed for the ‘Living Catchments’ experimental policy engagement, to facilitate the definition of indicators and support reflection on the transformative potential of the project’s theory of change.

Practitioners from the South African National Biodiversity Institute and TIPC researchers worked together over several months to add a transformative layer to the project. They created a plan for monitoring and learning as part of the formative evaluation process, which involved a learning journey exploring transformative outcomes.

The tool was created to carry out this evaluation process, by helping to define indicators based on the project’s theory of change.

The table shows:

  • what is being evaluated;
  • evaluation questions;
  • unpacking of those questions though the lens of transformative outcomes; and
  • definitions of indicators.



Our thanks to all participants in the first South Africa TIP policy experiment – the ‘Living Catchments Water Project’ – part of a broader policy roadmap towards ecological water provision for South Africa. The project intends to strengthen water governance through ‘communities of practice’ to enable collaboration; grow transformative social learning; and improve policy-advice practice and engagement for the country’s water roadmap, run by the Water Research Commission.


Byrne, R., Daniels, C., Miariti, C. Velasco, D. (2020) Definition of indicators to monitor evaluation of transformative outcomes: A proposal. Available at

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