Evaluating transformative innovation policy: Insights from two experimental policies

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This in-depth article presents the TIPC approach to the evaluation of transformative innovation policies and practical experience of implementing this: in work on food policy with Sweden’s Innovation Agency (Vinnova), and in the ACT on NBS (Adaptive Cities through Nature Based Solutions) project.

To be consistent with the principles and objectives of these policies, an evaluation approach was required that was supportive of experimental policies designed for highly complex and uncertain environments. The article presents a flexible approach to formative evaluation, which is, however, rooted in a specific theoretical understanding of how transitions occur.

The authors present the approach, the practical challenges faced when trying to implement it, how these were dealt with and the implications of the experiences for the skills, attitudes and values required from evaluators.




Boni, A., Molas-Gallart, J., Velasco, D., Mendez, P.F., Terrazas, P., Schot, J. (2022) Evaluating transformative innovation policy: Insights from two experimental policies. Available at https://tipresourcelab.net/resource/evaluating-transformative-innovation-policy-insights-from-two-experimental-policies/

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