Experiences of Latin American HUB members

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Four short videos, in which Latin American Hub member institutions summarise their experiences and articulate the benefits of being part of this community of practice in terms of experimentation and learning. The videos feature representatives from Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana (Colombia), CIDER de la Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), Universidad Iberoamericana de México and Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología de Antioquia – CTA (Colombia).

The recordings demonstrate how the HUB is acting as an valuable platform for sharing learning on experimentation taking place across the region. They also highlight the importance of universities in the process of social change, both due to the activities and programmes they undertake, and also their roles in linking knowledge across various social actors at local and national level.





Based on the exercises and products delivered by the members of the Latin American and Caribbean HUB of Transformative Innovation Policy (HUBLAyCTIP). Special thanks to Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología de Antioquia – CTA team for video design and editing, and to Chandra Singgih Pitoyo and Paloma Bernal Hernández for further editing and translation for subtitles.


Agudelo López, A., Hernando García, J., Bueno Castellanos, C., Echavarría Escobar, S. (2021) Experiences of Latin American HUB members (Video recording) Available at https://tipresourcelab.net/resource/experiences-of-latin-american-hub-members/

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