Experimentation and evaluation at the TIP conference

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Can a conference be delivered as a transformative experiment? This thought-provoking recording sets out the work of the experimentation committee for the TIP conference in 2022, introducing why the choice was made to experiment with the conference and how this was done. The presentation shares the transformative theory of change and monitoring, evaluation and learning plan, explaining how stakeholders sought to stretch the notion of a traditional conference to create a more inclusive and sustainable knowledge infrastructure.




Plenary session recorded at the TIP conference on 20 January 2022. Special thanks to participants in the session who shared their own experiences of conference environments, and to Chandra Singgih Pitoyo at SPRU for video editing.


Ghosh, B., Schiller, K., Velasco, D. (2022) Experimentation and evaluation at the TIP conference. Available at https://tipresourcelab.net/resource/experimentation-and-evaluation-at-the-tip-conference/

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