Extract: Experimentation committee report for the TIP Conference

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This extract reflects on the conference theory of change, desired impact, and the outcomes, outputs and activities adopted for the conference. The remainder of the report focuses on the monitoring, evaluation and learning plan, results and conclusions, and is introduced in Component 3 of the Resource Lab.


This report was prepared by Diana Velasco, Laura Winkler and Bipashyee Ghosh with inputs and feedback from the rest of the experimentation committee (Alejandra Boni, Christina Miariti, Edgar Salas-Gironés and Katharina Schiller.




Velasco, D., Winkler, L., Ghosh, B. (2022) Experimentation Committee report for the TIP Conference. pp.1-8. Available at https://tipresourcelab.net/resource/extract-experimentation-committee-report-for-the-tip-conference/

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