Extract: Six guiding principles for TIP experimentation

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During the pilot year, TIPC members co-created a criteria of six principles, which represented steps towards achieving Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP). During each country’s exploratory phase, members undertook a Transformative Innovation Learning History (TILH), and as part of this process, analysed the extent to which these six principles were present in the experiments identified.

Although the criteria informs TIP practices, these principles should not be seen as a blueprint – rather as a compass to help guide and broaden our thinking about transformative innovation.

This resource is a two page extract from a guidebook produced for the the Transformative Innovation Learning Journey, a residential programme at SPRU in May 2019.


Schepers, S., Steinmueller, E. (2019) A Transformative Innovation Learning Journey. Available at https://www.tipconsortium.net/resource/a-transformative-innovation-learning-journey/

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