Guidance for facilitators: Futures Literacy Lab

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This document provides guidance for lead facilitators to work with the methodology developed by UNESCO Futures Literacy and tested by TIPC’s Nordic members in 2021. It explains how users can deliver a Lab online, using the accompanying Miro tool, which provides a canvas for a four-part workshop series.



The guidance and associated tool are based on the methodology created by Riel Miller with colleagues and networks at UNESCO Future Literacy, and insights from Lisa Scordato and Per Koch at the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU).

Special thanks to Riel, Lisa and Per for training TIPC members and partners in the method, for leading the Lab for Nordic members in 2021, and for providing excellent resources to guide facilitators and participants, which have been adapted for the Resource Lab.


Gulbrandsen, E., Koch, P., Miller, R., Scordato, L., Shaw, V. (2023) Guidance for facilitators: Futures Literacy Lab. Available at

Reflections on TIPC use

This guidance draws on the experience of TIPC’s Nordic members (Business Finland, The Research Council of Norway and Vinnova), of running a digital Futures Literacy Lab to address this challenge in 2021, in partnership with UNESCO Futures Literacy and the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education. To learn more about the experience, see the Report of the Futures Literacy Laboratory 2021.

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