HUB application of transformative outcomes to TIP in practice (English version)

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This presentation by Claudia Obando-Rodriguez and Paloma Bernal-Hernandez evaluates the following two grassroots initiatives and public policy strategy through the lens of transformative outcomes, as part of the formative evaluation approach:

  • Situated social movements, local science and inclusive social-ecological systems in the wetlands of Bogota
  • Social innovation and the Polystyrene Ban policy in Iza, Boyacá
  • Social-ecological Transitions to Sustainability (STS)

The authors also explain how to enhance the transformative character of these cases in order to give a clearer direction to the formation of sustainable niches.




Bernal Hernandez, P., Obando Rodriguez, C. (2021) HUB application of transformative outcomes to TIP in practice. Available at

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