Introduction to the Transformative Theory of Change (TToC) canvas tool and examples

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Extract Case Study
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This extract from the MOTION handbook (pp. 48-51) presents the Theory of Change canvas tool and examples of applying the tool in two different projects.



Alvial Palavicino, C., Matti, C., Witte, J., Brodnik, C., Keesman, S., Mendez, P.F., Penna, C., Terrazas, P., Costante, N., Zinkstock, E. (2021) MOTION Handbook: Developing a Transformative Theory of Change, pp. 48-51. Available at

Reflections on TIPC use

The examples of implementation and adaptation of the Transformative Theory of Change (TToC) tool shows the importance of building shared knowledge base, stimulating co-creation and challenge led collaboration among researchers and practitioners.


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