Learning histories of Vinnova

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‘Learning is not child’s play; we cannot learn without pain’ is a quotation attributed to Aristotle – learning processes take time and involve stretching every aspect of ourselves. In this video from TIPC’s Nordic learning event in 2020, the team working on the Vinnova experiment reflect on the learning histories of the core team, consisting of three staff members from Vinnova and three TIPC researchers.

Together, the group embarked on a journey devoted to achieving transitions towards sustainability engaging in an experimental policy process. The process was integrated and participatory, based on co-creation principles, and aimed at triggering deep learning by adding a reflexive layer to the definition and implementation of Vinnova’s missions. See this page for more information on TIPC and Vinnova’s experimental policy engagement.

The learning histories were a valuable part of the experimental journey and designed to share the reflections of participants on the process of bringing theory into practice and practice into theory. In this sense, they became devices to record tacit but essential aspects of radical transformation processes in systems – after all, it is people and teams who make changes possible.

The short learning histories capture key milestones in the experiment, with the themes addressed including:

  • Mutual understanding and trust-building
  • Conflict as a source of learning
  • Tools are crucial in the “theory to practice” pathways
  • Assumptions on and off the table
  • Uncertainty and complexity

The histories document reflections, insights and lessons, and are designed to be a means (rather than an end), trigger other thoughts and learning within and beyond the group. They are narrated in the team’s members own words and articulate crucial aspects of experimental interventions for transformative change.


Velasco, D., Witte, J., Boni, A., Molas-Gallart, J., Lundström, J., Franzen, J., Hill, D. (2020) Learning histories of Vinnova. Available at https://tipresourcelab.net/resource/learning-histories-of-vinnova/

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