Learning Patterns of Relationships, Resources and Power

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This blog introduces the idea that change is often shaped or patterned by processes that are largely invisible — the lived experience of those who are involved who bring values, routines, and mindsets to their work lives.  The patterns of relationships, resourcing, and power are influenced by these processes and have substantial inertia.  Change therefore often is most effectively addressed by addressing the underlying invisible processes (e.g. through reflexivity and learning).  The ideas in this blog are directly related to the idea of ‘rule change’ which plays a central role in transformative policy and investment.  A longer work is linked from this resource.


Griffith University Yunus Centre. (2022, October 25). The role and power of re-patterning in systems change | by Griffith University Yunus Centre | Y Impact | Oct, 2022 | Medium. https://medium.com/y-impact/the-role-and-power-of-re-patterning-in-systems-change-155127cc84c3

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