Methodology for formative evaluation with transformative outcomes

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Presentation providing a practical and comprehensive overview of the methodology for formative evaluation with transformative outcomes, addressing the aims and purpose, the role of learning in sustainability transitions and evaluation, and second order learning, before walking through a six-step methodology. The authors introduce the steps that participants of a project, initiative or policy can take, to implement the methodology and monitor changes in their experiment, and explain the following five stages in the process:

  • Clarification of the purposes of the formative evaluation and theory of change
  • Description of the desired change
  • Identification of short-term transformative outcomes
  • Mapping of pathways of change
  • Definition of MEL priorities and process

The presentation includes a detailed proposal for a workshop programme for both generic and specific theory of change workshops, including areas for enquiry, techniques, processes and activities.



Boni, A., Molas Gallart, J., Méndez, P.F., Terrazas, P; Schot, J., Alvial-Palavicino, C. (2020) Methodology for formative evaluation with transformative outcomes. Available at

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