Multi-level theory of change (Group version)

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90 minutes, plus 90 minutes for stretch exercise
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TIPC Region

This tool is designed for group use, to help us develop a transformative theory of how change happens within a socio-technical system, drawing on the Multi-Level Perspective.

It complements the Pentagonal map for system analysis tool in Component 1, which identifies the dominant system regime driven by actors, materials and rules.




This tool was inspired by sections of the MOTION Handbook on Developing a Transformative Theory of Change, by Alejandra Boni, Caetano C. R. Penna, Carla Alvial Palavicino, Christoph Brodnik, Cristian Matti, Jenny Witte, Johan Schot, Jordi Molas-Gallart, Matthias Weber, Pablo F. Mendez, Paulina Terrazas, Susanne Keesman.

It was reviewed and developed further by Andrea Padilla Cuevas.


Ghosh, B., Shaw, V., Steinmueller, E., Zinkstock, E. (2022) Multi-level theory of change (Group version) Available at 

Facilitators Instructions

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Reflections on TIPC use

This tool has been tested by TIPC with small groups in an online workshop setting. Facilitators should take a copy of the board for each group and encourage participants to work through the step-by-step instructions in relation to a particular socio-technical regime. Facilitators can develop the board further to tailor it to use in a particular context. An alternative version is available for use by an individual as a reflective exercise.

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