Story guide: Building bridges using narrative techniques

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This comprehensive guide was co-authored by Victoria Ward, facilitator, futurist and story teller on TIPC’s sister project, Deep Transitions. It was created to help users develop capabilities as tellers or facilitators of storytelling and to support the development of methodologies, policies, programmes, strategies or evaluations involving knowledge sharing, change and communication.

The guide explains how story telling helps individuals and groups to share their experiences and reflect on practice, helping to illuminate complex patterns and deeper truths, create shifts in attitudes and behaviours and bring shared understanding to future ambitions and direction. It contains tips, templates and tools; reflections on the practical and the emotional aspects of story telling, and the challenges and risks in institutionalising these approaches; and illustrations from experience of putting stories to work.



Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

This publication can be obtained through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Phone +41 31 322 44 12
Available in English, German, French and Spanish

Concept and coordination
Thematic Service Knowledge and Research

Stephanie Colton and Victoria Ward (Sparknow Ltd, London)
Jeannine Brutschin (SDC, Thematic Service Knowledge and Research)

Babette Wagenvoort

Commusication Arts, Mark Manion


Colton, S., Ward, V., Brutschin, J. (2007) Story guide: Building bridges using narrative techniques. Available at

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