Three Desirable Future Worlds

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This collection of illustrated narratives of the mobility, energy and food systems in three future worlds – and the journey towards those worlds between 2020 and 2050 – was developed for the Deep Transitions Investors Panel in 2021.

The stories provide a valuable example of how anticipation and collective imagination can be used to translate theories and information and models into an accessible narratives – in this case, for a panel of private investors. In Transformative Innovation Policy, these are important capabilities for aligning visions across different actors and interest groups.

Between each story, the multi-level perspective (introduced in Component 1, Section 2) is used to explain the dynamics of change within the sociotechnical system regime in 2020, 2035 and 2050 that lead to each future scenario.

A shorter summary of each world is available at:

For more on the philosophy and principles of Transformative Investment, visit


Our thanks to the TIPC sister project, Deep Transitions Futures, for sharing this resource.

Deep Transitions Futures uses the findings of Deep Transitions History to explore a set of future scenarios that illustrate the transformations needed to combat the great challenges of our time. These scenarios are created and debated by the Deep Transitions Futures Project Team, made up of members of the sustainability transitions research community, and a Global Investors Panel, made up of thought-leaders from the private and public investment sector. Together, they strive to develop a new signature investment strategy for transformation, termed ‘Transformative Investment’, which places sustainability and socio-technical system change at its core.

Deep Transitions Futures is a collaboration between the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at  the University of Sussex Business School in the UK, and the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges (UGlobe) in the Netherlands. It is supported by James Anderson and Baillie Gifford & Co and led by Professor Johan Schot, Professor Ed Steinmueller and Susanne Keesman.


Keesman, S., Steinmueller, E., Penna, C., Kanger, L, Ghosh, B., Witte, J. (2021) Three Desirable Future Worlds. Available at

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