Overview of TIP Latin America Hub Experiments (English version)

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This extract summarises the content of ten initiatives from Colombia, Chile and Mexico, with potential to become experiments. The table provided describes the initiatives and sets out how they relate to principles in Transformative Innovation Policy, such as impacts on societal and environmental sustainability, aims towards transformation and relationship with public policy.




This learning resource is an extract, translated and adapted for the TIP Resource Lab, from Sections I and VI of: The Learning Path of Transformative Innovation Policy / Ruta de Aprendizaje a la Politica Innovación Transformativa

The original document was produced by: The Latin American and Caribbean HUB of Transformative Innovation Policy (HUBLAyCTIP) / HUB Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Innovación Transformativa

It can be downloaded in full at: https://hubinnovaciontransformativa.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/20200831_Ruta-de-Aprendizaje-a-la-Politica-de-Innovacion-Transformativa-1.pdf?_t=1631660978

Acknowledgments due to:

  • Paloma Bernal Hernández, who led the writing and editing process of the pathway. Paloma contributed as the main author of all the academic chapters and their related annexes, with the exception of section 3 of chapter VI.
  • Durys Rios, who participated in the structuring of the route and contributed to editing and editorial pre-design.
  • Martha Liliana Marín, who contributed as lead author of chapter VI, section 3 and related annexes.
  • Matias Ramirez, who led the methodological strategy of the HUBLAyCTIP and participated in the edition of the roadmap and annexes related to chapter VI.

Bernal-Hernandez, P., Rios, D., Marín, M., Ramirez, M. (2021) Ruta de Aprendizaje de Política de Innovación Transformativa (pit) Hub Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Política de Innovación Transformativa (HUBLAyCTIP), pp. 19-22. Available at https://hubinnovaciontransformativa.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/20200831_Ruta-de-Aprendizaje-a-la-Politica-de-Innovacion-Transformativa-1.pdf?_t=1631660978

Reflections on TIPC use

This resource demonstrates the high level of diversity amongst various initiatives located within the same region. The resource reveals how experimentation as a method aims to open up spaces to support new, more sustainable practices and facilitate the design, evaluation and enactment of different socio-technical alternatives. It also highlights the roles universities can play as agents of social change, showing that experiments can be existing projects or programs in universities or other institutions that have transformative potential.

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