Tool: Building and monitoring a TIP narrative

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2 hrs, but will vary according to the group and experiment
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The narrative is a story that offers an explanation of our world and from which we can infer things. The idea is not to provide evidence but to show how we understand certain facts or events within a shared cultural spectrum.

This tool provides a step-by-step approach to constructing narratives, which can be used as conduits for learning within and between projects.

It was adapted from work produced by the Latin American and Caribbean Hub for Transformative Innovation Policy (HUBLAyCTIP) to support the process of collective reflection around the implementation of a transformative experiment or initiative with transformative potential.



With thanks to:

  • Martha Liliana Marin and Claudia Obando Rodriguez for their work in the creation of tools that facilitate the transfer of methodologies across the Latin American Hub and the TIPC core.
  • Andrea Padilla Cuevas who translated  tools for global users of the Lab
  • Naz Costante for her work on design and visual identity of the tool.



Bernal-Hernández, P. (2023). Guiding questions for building and monitoring a TIP narrative. Available at:

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