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Co-creation is a guiding principle for TIP, vital for ensuring that multiple perspectives can be understood and visions of alternative practice aligned. This tool was developed by TIPC and Cristian Matti at the Joint Research Centre at the European Commission to bring to life – in an online workshop setting – the ‘co-creation for policy’ tuner, a self-assessment checklist for the design of policy co-creation processes.

The tuner was developed by EIT Climate-KIC and the Joint Research Centre for the handbook ‘Co-creation for Policy’. It helps us to design and fine tune a co-creation process to create an environment favourable to dialogue, exchange of ideas, trust, motivation and change, The tool can be used to reflect on the stages of the co-creation process, guided by a series of variables, each of which affects the others in a systemic way.



Our thanks to Cristian Matti at the Joint Research Centre and colleagues at EIT Climate-KIC and the JRC for kindly sharing this work for adaptation through the TIP Resource Lab.

An introduction to the tuner in its original form can be found in Chapter 3 of the following publication:

Matti, C., Rissola, G., Martinez, P., Bontoux, L., Joval, J.-M., Spalazzi, A., & Fernandez, D. (2022). Co-creation for policy: Participatory methodologies to structure multi-stakeholder policymaking processes. Available at


Matti, C., Shaw, V. Zinkstock, E. (2022) Co-creation for policy tuner. Available at

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