Tool: Dynamic Reflective Binnacle (pdf version)

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This worksheet can be printed and used in face-to-face meetings and workshops to encourage learning and reflexivity in experiments, and to maintain the link between systems transformation and the concrete actions and pathways portrayed in the flexible theory of change.

The Dynamic Reflective Binnacle records and keeps track of changes in attitudes, interaction and knowledge leading to action, and is designed to be engaged with as a live process – attached to the monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) process – that addresses the challenges that the experiment is facing at each stage.



Our thanks to Naz Costante for design


Velasco, D., Boni, A. (2022) Tool: Dynamic Reflective Binnacle (pdf version). Available at

Facilitators Instructions

This is a pdf worksheet, which can be printed out and filled in by hand. Note space is minimal on the printed version, but users can add extra sheets or write on the reverse as required.

If you are using printed versions of the tool, entries should be collected and recorded, and it will improve trust and commitment in the team if responses are shared and explored
together, e.g. through group discussion.

You can also find a Word version of this tool, which is suitable for online use as a live and open document that can be completed transparently using a shared document editor.

Reflections on TIPC use

This tool was used in the Vinnova-TIPC project to process and reflect on knowledge, attitudes and interactions. To learn more, see Using the Dynamic Reflective Binnacle at the experiment level

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