Tool: Fishing for barriers

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60 minutes
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This tool, developed by the Transitions Hub at EIT Climate-KIC, is a useful aid to support implementation of Transformative Innovation Policy experiments.  It demonstrates how finding out the way to complete an experimental project calls for actors to identify the big barriers the project faces, and shows how these can be broken down into manageable chunks. Fishing for barriers is a visual tool that helps you to identify the main bottlenecks blocking the success of an initiative, as well as their roots, by breaking them down into smaller pieces and problems.


This tool is an extract from the Visual toolbox for system innovation produced by the Transitions Hub at EIT Climate-KIC. Special thanks to Cristian Matti for collaboration with TIPC members and partners during the pilot phase and beyond.


De Vicente Lopez, Javier and Matti, Cristian (2016). Visual toolbox for system innovation. A resource book for practitioners to map, analyse and facilitate sustainability transitions. (p.96-98) Transitions Hub Series. Climate-KIC, Brussels 2016. Available at 

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