Tool: Live reflection and learning at the TIP conference

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This simple Miro tool was developed for the five-day ‘live reflection and learning’ journey at the TIP conference in 2022, to help guide participants through a day-by-day exploration of three cross-cutting conference aims:

  • Networking
  • Aligning visions
  • Learning and unlearning

Each day, participants were invited to answer a series of reflective questions, share their personal experiences and capture key takeaways. The tool can be used and adapted to help facilitate live reflection in a step-by-step way in other settings.



Alvial Palavicino, C., Boni, S., Ghosh, B., Padilla Cuevas, A., Salas-Girones, E., Schiller, K., Shaw, V., Steinmueller, E. (2022) Live reflection and learning at the TIP conference. Available at

Facilitators Instructions

Important: Duplicating the tool

This resource is a Master version of the tool. To use it, you will need to duplicate it to your own Miro account.

How to duplicate the Board

  • First, make sure you have your own Miro account. Researchers may be able to access a free educational plan for staff at educational institutions
  • Click on the ‘download’ link to access the Lab master board
  • Then click on the title
  • Click ‘duplicate’ – this will open another board with ‘Copy’ in the title
  • Rename the tool and save the URL

You will need to complete this process for each board. If you are using a tool with multiple groups, you can either: (a) create a different board for each group or (b) copy the tool multiple times on the same board. We recommend (b) to avoid confusion over board links.

If you are new to Miro, there is a short intro here.

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Reflections on TIPC use

Accompanying blogs, reflections from participants and visual summary introduce how this tool was used at the TIP Conference in 2022.

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