Tool: Six systemic strengths

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60-90 minutes
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This tool is an extract from the ‘Visual toolbox for system innovation’ – a resource book developed by EIT Climate-KIC to support capabilities in mapping, analysing and facilitating sustainability transitions. The tool helps users to identify actions to improve the way a project performs within a particular system. It was designed to address two common reasons why innovation initiatives don’t create societal change: that they get stuck in ‘business as usual’, or that they are not able to mature enough because of external conditions or lack of connections. The tool helps us to identify actions to avoid this and to develop system management strategies to keep the project on track.



The ‘Visual toolbox for system innovation: A resource book for practitioners to map, analyse and facilitate sustainability transitions’ was edited by Climate-KIC Transitions Hub and Climate-KIC Professional Education

Transitions Hub
Alice Bauer, Transitions Hub Manager
Cristian Matti, Learning and Knowledge Manager
Jon Bloomfield, Advisory Board
Aled Thomas, Advisory Board
Christoph Auch, Advisory Board
Fred Steward, Advisory Board
Hannes Utikal, Advisory Board

Climate-KIC Education
Ebrahim Mohamed, Director of Education
Christoph Auch, Professional Education Lead
Anne Bartens, Education Manager

Cristian Matti and Alice Bauer

Javier de Vicente. System innovation consultant and facilitator

Technical review
Bence Fülöp, Boelie Elzen, Dave Green, Jose Andringa, Kati Berniger, Lydia Sterrenberg, Markus Allbauer, Richard Bubb, Roberto Colucci, Sergio Belda, Suzanne van den Bosch and Tijmen Altena

Graphic design
Paula Rincón de Arellano

Copy editor
Lee Monk


De Vicente Lopez, J. and Matti, C. (2016). Visual toolbox for system innovation. A resource book for practitioners to map, analyse and facilitate sustainability transitions (pp.163-167). Transitions Hub Series. Climate-KIC, Brussels 2016. Available at

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