Tool: Systemic Change game

Estimated Time
90 minutes
Resource Type
TIPC Region

An immersive and playful online board game to strengthen your understanding of socio-technical systems and how to enable change in a local system.



Special thanks to the University of Business Sussex School for supporting work on this initiative through its Engagement Facilitation Fund.

Inspired by and adapted from the X-curve tool developed by the EIT Climate KIC Visual toolbox for System Innovation.

Thanks to Louise Harvey of Chimney Design, Brighton for the visual design.


Alvial Palavicino, C., Ghosh, B., Gkogkidis, V. Padilla Cuevas, A., Wade, I., Witte, J. (2022) Systemic Change game. Available at

Reflections on TIPC use

This tool has been designed for group workshop use. Facilitators should help players get into their roles, keep track of time and give players their secret goals.

User comments included:

“Interesting to see how people with different backgrounds interpreted the concepts of the game.”

The game provided “an insight into how people behave in that kind of negotiation setting, when doing something experimental or outside their comfort zones.”

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