Tool: Systemic perspective on a change initiative (Prototype)

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Latin America Hub

This tool is a prototype development version. The original tool was produced by the The Latin American and Caribbean HUB of Transformative Innovation Policy (HUBLAyCTIP). This was translated into English, adapted and a draft version created.

The reflective tool helps us to develop and describe a perspective of the problem that we seek to address with our experimental initiative at three different levels:

  • the global context of the problem (landscape);
  • the broad and stable networks, strongly aligned around the activities of their actors (sociotechnical regime); and
  • the alternatives that have arisen to the problem, which challenge the established system (niche). 

Users will identify and establish the level that the initiative seeks to intervene in (niche and/or socio-technical regime), to understand a multi-level mapping of the socio-technical system in which the initiative is framed.



The original version of this tool was created by the The Latin American and Caribbean HUB of Transformative Innovation Policy (HUBLAyCTIP). This was translated into English and adapted for Component 1 of the TIP Resource Lab. The authors listed therefore refer to those who worked on this English version.

Special thanks to: Martha Liliana Marin and Claudia Obando Rodríguez for their work in the creation of tools that facilitate the transfer across methodologies across the Latin American Hub and the TIPC core; to Andrea Padilla Cuevas for translation and conceptual interpretation for global users of the TIP Resource Lab; and to Elzemiek Zinkstock for science communication and graphic design.


Bernal-Hernandez, P., Shaw, V., Zinkstock, E. (2023) Tool: Multi-Level Perspective on the societal challenge. Available at

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