Transformative outcomes as a way to organise transformative portfolios

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This extract from the MOTION Handbook explains how transformative outcomes are a key ingredient in the transformative theory of change approach. It highlights how transformative outcomes reflect and make tangible the underlying ‘theory’ (the multi-level perspective), guiding us to think through the process of system transformation, and sets out how the 12 transformative outcomes help us to answer the question: how can my project, programme or intervention contribute to transformative change in a given system?



The MOTION Handbook is the result of close collaboration and teamwork of the project team throughout 2020 and 2021. In the Handbook, the authors give special thanks to:

  • Johan Schot, Alejandra Boni, Jordi Molas Gallart and Matthias Weber
  • Project partners from ACT on NBS, SATURN and SuSMo, specifically Beth Morley, Francesco Guaraldi, Theodora Skordili, Elitsa Petkova, Alessandro Gretter, Anastasia Nikologianni, Nick Grayson, Nieves Mestre, Luisa Fernanda Guerra, Manuel Almestar, Stephen Passmore, Juraj Jurik and Monserrat Budding
  • Elzemiek Zinkstok and Naz Costante for design
  • Jose Manuel Martin Corvillo for learning materials and tools
  • Irene Vivas Lalinde at EIT Climate-KIC
  • Oscar Romero Goyeneche, Bipashyee Ghosh and Victoria Shaw at the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium
  • The two organisations that made the work possible: EIT Climate-KIC and the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium

Alvial Palavicino, C., Matti, C., Witte, J., Brodnik, C., Keesman, S., Mendez, P.F., Penna, C., Terrazas, P., Costante, N., Zinkstock, E. (2021) MOTION Handbook: Developing a Transformative Theory of Change, pp. 26-51. Available at

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