Transformative outcomes in practice: Transformative capacity building in Latin America communities

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This report introduces a study to understand and map how members of the Latin American and Caribbean HUB for TIP have taken and interpreted TIPC concepts and methodologies to develop their own theories of change and link them to the transformative outcomes. It includes a cased study analysis of six experiments by members of the HUB.

The report addresses the following three research questions, related to whether HUB experiments have been able to execute their theories of change in accordance with the selected transformative outcomes:

  • How have the theories of change been structured?
  • Which transformative outcomes emerged in the experiments, and how were they interpreted?
  • What appears to be the thought processes behind the adaptation of transformative outcomes for the Latin American context?

In addition, it analyses how the same transformative outcomes can be understood and interpreted in different ways throughout a variety of experiments.




Lupa, J., Chumillas, D. (2021) Transformative capacity building in Latin America communities. Available at 

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