Using the Dynamic Reflective Binnacle at the experiment level

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These extracts show how the Dynamic Reflective Binnacle tool was used during the TIPC-Vinnova experiment on food systems in 2020 to process reflection and learning. The anonymised contributions of participants show how knowledge and attitudes shifted during the course of the process and reveal some of the issues that emerged.

To download the tool and accompanying guidance, visit Tool: Dynamic Reflective Binnacle.



This resource was provided by Sandra Boni and Diana Velasco, who were part of the core project team for the Vinnova experiment. Our sincere thanks to the practitioners from Vinnova for completing this learning journey using the tool and for sharing their thoughtful and honest reflections. Names associated with entries have been redacted.


Boni, A., Velasco, D, et al (2022) Using the Dynamic Reflective Binnacle at the experiment level. Available at

Reflections on TIPC use

For an overview of the project; see TIPC and Vinnova’s experimental policy engagement, while the following blog derives learnings from Binnacle entries: Reflexive practice in Transformative Innovation Policy: Six lessons for action researchers

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